The electric car EX1 set a new speed record for an electric car on the Nordschleife. The EX1 was created precisely to break speed records.

Although not much information has circulated about the record Peugeot marked by the EX1, the news sounds encouraging and could mean the beginning of a new development for a production car. As we know, these experiments are designed to test certain types of technology that, after all, end up in the hands of customers.

Peugeot said the EX1, this prototype presented in September 2010 to beat speed records (and the company presented it at the time), was presented at the Nürburgring difficult to prove their skills and speed in a landscape had nothing to do with its conception. Recall that the EX1 had broken some speed records, but always in a straight line.

Now, the model marked 9 minutes, 1,388 seconds to walk 20.8 km, setting a new record for an electric car. This time is nearly a minute faster than that provided by an all-electric vehicle on the same circuit, and is very close to those marked by many sports production. The average speed was 138.324 km/h. The EX1 was led by Stéphane Caillet and Peugeot in the coming days will be providing more information and photos about the event.

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