The Minister of Energy and Water, Emanuela Vieira Lopes, announced Monday in Luanda that about 36 locations in the country will benefit from solar photovoltaic systems with a total of 216 photovoltaic installations.

Emanuela Vieira Lopes made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the first National Conference on Renewable Energy under the slogan “Electrification of Angola preserving the environment.” The project will benefit schools, medical clinics, water pumping systems, local authorities, nursing homes and police stations.

The minister also said that following the feasibility studies on wind energy that take place in the Tigers Bay and Tombwa district in the province of south-western Namibe. Angola still has no installed wind farm.

The event, organized jointly by the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Norwegian embassy, is being attended by government officials, experts in renewable energy, and technicians from various sectors, among others.

Secretary of State for Energy, João Baptista Borges, said last week in Luanda that the medium-term project, construction of new water plants, promote 4,646 megawatts of hydropower for the country.

According to the official who spoke to ANGOP on the implementation of Clean Energy, the program has its period envisaged for 2017 and is building Calculation Cabaco, Cambambe Lauca and 2 in the middle Kwanza, Jamba already Mina, Jamba and I Oma Baynes Cunene basin, Lupasso, Chicapa 2, and Dala Chiumbe Luachimo 2 in Kuang, and in the basin Cacombo Catumbela.

Referring to the embryonic project implementation of clean energy in the country, also revealed the existence of a development program that involves the rehabilitation of production facilities that were destroyed by the war that ravaged the country.

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