The inventor proposes to use through a venturi Patagonian winds, which blow throughout the year in the same direction.
These days specialists from the National Institute of Industrial Property a patent pending study requested by the Jorge Alberto Diaz, inventor of the “One Way Wind Generator.”

Basically, the device consists of a giant Venturi tube, which increases the strength of the wind and brings to power a wind turbine, located in areas of Patagonia, where westerly winds always blow. “As far as I could investigate the unidirectional winds are permanently south of the Colorado River, over 93 percent of the days of the year, represent a unique case in the world,” said the inventor.

In 1995, when he visited Los Antiguos (Santa Cruz), Diaz kneaded the idea to prove that “the wind is not well used.” He thought that having all the time with the same wind direction could be used to overcome the drawbacks of conventional wind generation by “European mills very expensive, complex installation, maintenance difficult, which require special wiring and needed many to meet the demand of a people. ”

Matured the idea for a couple of years and in 2010 it took “two months to shape the device.” Diaz’s invention is a wedge-shaped nozzle, which descends from the roof to the mouth takes to bring the “venturi effect.” The mouth is a rectangle, 50 by 100 feet ahead. The pipe is 82 meters long and terminates in a mouth 50 meters wide and 12.50 tall. In the wind tunnel speed increases several times before impacting on the mill, composed of eight concave blades and  a centrifuge rotor.

“A wind of 60 mph at the end of the device reaches nearly 450 kilometers per hour,” said the inventor. On impact with even pressure on “a much larger area than conventional mills” (two or three blades) greater efficiency. “The rotation of the rotor can be controlled with a discretion or power top, through a window of relief and a gate.”

Each device includes a complex of four modules, “able to supply two Kaplan or Francis turbines as installed in the Chocón (from 270 000 HP),” said Diaz. He added that “Blades are 12.50 meters long by 12”, which determines an area of greater impact. “It’s a team with a lot of torque, which prevails the power,” he said.

Today, with six wind turbines in operation, The Chocón generates 5 percent of the total energy consumed by Argentina. Diaz is “convinced that the installation of various modules in this way will the wind generator to solve the energy problems of our country.” Joined by universal joint, the modules are easily replaceable and is easily maintained. “It’s a very practical combination, define its inventor.

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