We still have four major problems with current electric vehicles: price, range, recharge time of batteries and lack of infrastructure.

The Nissan electric car Leaf will charge its batteries in ten minutes.One of the most controversial issues related to the use of electric cars has to do with the longevity of your batteries and how long these take time to recharge. Nissan, the developer of the electric car Leaf, has announced it is working on a system capable of charging lithium batteries that power their vehicle in just 10 minutes.

And what is more surprising, in a few years expect to do it in three minutes. That’s a huge improvement over the time now, which is about 30 minutes to get 80% load and a very long 13 hours to get a safe full charge.

It seems that Nissan has returned to stir the market for electric vehicles. Nissan is responsible for many interesting innovations in this field, especially after having introduced the electric vehicle Nissan Leaf. This electric car, which even allows you energize your house in case of an electrical emergency, recharge their batteries lithium up to 80% capacity in about 30 minutes in fast charge mode, but it takes about 13 hours to recharge to 100% a normal charge rate.

This time may be unacceptable in some cases, so that the company has worked hard to improve it. And it seems that it has, today announced that together with the specialists of Kansai University (Japan) have managed to develop a system capable of recharging an electric car in just 10 minutes.

The operating principle of the new battery-charger set has not been explained in detail by the company (they will probably get it patented soon) but it is known that part of the secret lies in the batteries, instead of being built as we usually to see on mobile devices are more like a capacitor. Using materials such as carbon, tungsten oxide, vanadium oxide or to improve performance, and expect further improvement. Therefore, we speculate with recharge times of around three minutes in 5 or 10 years.

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