The N117 turbines are designed specifically for wind farms with little wind, increasing the potential for wind energy. The turbines will be manufactured in the USA.

The N117 outdoes other wind turbines by up to 20%. The production of wind turbines will begin in July 2012 in Arkansas.

Nordex USA, Inc. will debut its new wind turbine N117/2400 for the U.S. market at WINDPOWER in Anaheim, California, from 22 to 25 May 2011. The N117 is designed specifically for wind farms with light winds, which increases the potential for wind energy.

“The N117 will help to increase overall number of places in America where you can harness wind energy,” said Ralf Sigrist, president and CEO of Nordex USA. “This means a further step in ensuring that wind energy is a highly competitive alternative, even for areas with low wind speed.”

Wind turbines have a rated capacity of 2.4 megawatts (MW), a rotor diameter of 117 meters and a rotor sweep of 10,751 meters square. In a typical site has a capacity of more than 3,500 hours at full load, beating other wind turbines in this category up to 20 percent. This translates into a capacity factor of 40 percent.

Noise is limited to a maximum of 105 decibels, which allows the wind turbine is situated near residential areas and facilitate optimum turbine design for wind farms. The N117 is the result of 11 years of systematic technical improvements to the multi-megawatt platform company. It also draws on 26 years of wind engineering and experience of more than 1,500 wind turbines installed several megawatts each.

Nordex wind turbines will start producing the N117 in its new U.S. plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas, which opened in October 2010. Wind turbines manufactured in the U.S. contain more than 75% local components.

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  1. What will happen if so much energy is retainned on the earths surface?
    magnetics is not something we truly understand yet electricity conducts magnetics to increase?
    Surely a mild solution to nuclear power, yet it is itself as unknown as any other, is it?
    will millionaire companies conduct this as an economical monopoly to their own benefit?
    I would really like to have coments over these questions… best regards to all readers.

  2. Wish I could answer Gabriel’s searching question. I hope someone can… But it is still very encouraging to know that natural energy resources are being used where appropriate.

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