HyperSolar has developed a flexible solar panel that uses photonic technology to separate and light lead to areas of greatest interest, increasing the efficiency of solar panels. Use of this movie, instead of traditional solar panels are flexible, can improve their efficiency by 300%.

Through this new and efficient technology, the cost of a solar PV could be reduced by half, also shortening the period of return on investment.

“Using HyperSolar in the upper layer, manufacturers may use less producing cells in the panels, lowering the cost per watt of electricity,” says HyperSolar. “We believe this is a revolutionary way to manufacture solar panels.”

HyperSolar based his invention in four innovations:

* Micro Hub – An array of small, efficient solar concentrators collect the maximum sunlight during the day from a wide range of angles, without requiring monitoring mechanisms.

* Routing photon of light – An innovative photonic network, built under the Hub, transports light from the collection points to the points of production in the base. This is a very thin layer.

* Separation photon of light – the separation of light in different ranges of the spectrum is achieved by applying innovative techniques in the photonic network, which direct the light to different types of cells at the base.

* Management warming – solar cells only absorb part of the spectrum of light to produce electricity, the rest of untapped light is converted into heat which degrades the cell performance. HyperSolar technology filters and reflects part of the light spectrum not used by sending the maximum usable light inside and avoid therefore the overheating.

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