A new offshore wind project, West of Duddon Sands, will have a capacity of 389 MW, enough to meet the electricity consumption of 300,000 households in the UK.

The wind farm should be operational in 2014. DONG Energy and Iberdrola have already completed the project design and wind turbines dividing the investment cost to 50/50.

Construction will begin next year and is expected to create 500 jobs over the jobs in the operation and maintenance.

Surrounded on all sides by the sea and often swept by strong winds, the UK is the windiest country in Europe and one of the most appropriate places in Europe for wind power development. Worldwide, ranks eighth in installed wind power, far less than Spain.

The first wind farm in the country was built in Delabole, Cornwall, in 1991, driven by a local family who led the anti-nuclear movement plans to build a nuclear plant in the area. However, UK has developed little wind. Until 2007 the wind energy to hydropower overcame to become the largest source of renewable energy in the country, contributing to only 2.2% of electricity supply.

Today with an installed capacity of 5204 MW wind power (figures 2010), which represents 6% of total wind capacity of the EU, while the sector is beginning to catch up with their European cousins. The Renewable Energy Plan for 2020 foresees UK a target of 27,880 MW, of which 12,990 MW of offshore wind power.

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