The first solar park built in a forest area was inaugurated on October 28 at Mios in Gironde department by Juwi EnR group, in the presence of the Sub-Prefect of Arcachon and the Mayor of the town of 6650 inhabitants.

The solar park is part of an original project of diversification of forestry that has been hit hard by the storms of 1999 and 2009. Hence a smooth transition from monoculture pine, plantations towards more diverse, acacia, eucalyptus, etc … Resilience and biodiversity of this forest pilot of more than 2,000 hectares will be increased.

With a capacity of 8.5 MWp, this park produces the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 4,350 inhabitants is that of two-thirds of the people of Mio, an area occupied for less than 0.2% of the territory of the municipality, plots most affected. The construction of a second tranche, which is planned, allow Mios to become “a common renewable energy positive.”

Located on the edge of track on 18 acres, the park has produced its first kWh after 5 months of work. The project mobilized up to 50 people and uses many local businesses. Overall, 36,960 polycrystalline solar modules have been implemented on piles, with no concrete foundation. They produce electricity for over 20 years.

In January 2011, the group Iliad has entrusted the construction juwi EnR “Juwi has emerged after a close competition and was able to do even better than its promise,” said Yves Jacquin Depeyre, president of the Family Iliad , also manager of two forest communities affected by storms. “The site was particularly smoothly, in harmony with the neighborhood and even faster than expected.”

Over 1,000 hectares have been destroyed on the site in 2009 after several hundred hectares of damage in 1999. As one of the few forest to have a full-time employee, he considers essential to diversify the resources to diversify forest communities. Maritime pine monoculture is too exposed to the risk of storm. “Planting” of solar panels is for him to diversify as natural and conducive to biodiversity that its attempts to introduce new varieties of trees such as acacias, he experiences a large scale.

The solar farm creates a permanent open space and not plowed conducive to birds and small plants can not thrive under the forest canopy.

As a forester, he has carefully chosen the plot area dedicated to the sun. It did no more tree and it had no interest in hunting. The photovoltaic effect has been implemented on a plot “stuck” between the tracks, a road and two power lines.

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