Israeli “Leviathan Energy” has developed “Wind Tulip”, a small vertical axis wind turbine expected to be installed on rooftops and supposed to be quieter and more efficient than its competitors.

This invention has won the second prize in IDEAS Cleantech Open, an international competition designed to promote and launch new ideas in the field of energy and environment, while meeting the economic challenge.

“The integration of renewable energy devices on the roofs of buildings has become a necessity in the world,” said founder and CEO of the company, Dr. Daniel Farb. And he added, “The Wind Tulip is aesthetically pleasing and does not present any danger to people or birds.”

“The product is cost-effective and simple to install. It has been studied through demonstration prototypes based in the Rotem Industrial Park in the town of Dimona in southern Israel. Now the problem is to find funding to prove their effectiveness on a larger scale and market them in larger markets.”

Farb believes that his company needs about $3.5 million to mass produce the prototype.

From his point of view, Israel does not have all the favorable opportunities for the expansion of his invention. “We do not have a large estate market, we have a lot of bureaucracy and funding from the government is not as generous as in other countries. The U.S., for example, are subsidizing cover 100% of project costs.”

Main applications:
– Flat roofs in rural and urban
– Farms
– Small Business
– Communication Towers
– Car parking, etc.

– Height: 4.2 meters
– Width: 2.5 meters
– Weight: approx. 350 kg
– Diameter of blade: 2.75 meters
– Generator Direct Drive 2 / 3.5 / 5 kilowatts
– Operating speed: about 1.6 m / s
– Maximum speed: 50 m / s
– Standard IEC61400

Wind Tulip

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