The LED lighting enthusiasts can look forward to a new option, lighting company Lighting Switch has announced a LED bulb equivalent to a conventional 100 watt.

The company reports that this efficient bulb has a self-cooling system that maximizes LED light output using less. CalledSwitch100, the bulb was shown ​​in LIGHTFAIR 2011 lighting trade fair held in Philadelphia in March.

“So far no producing this type of bulb, comparable in quality to the incandescent light. The brightest bulb we could find on the shelves was equivalent to 60 W. Last month we announce an equivalent of 75 W and now present the equivalent of 100 W,” said Boris Lipkin, CEO of Lighting Switch.

Initially come out with a high price, like all LED bulbs. But they last 20 times. If we consider longer and saving electricity, which is capable of providing this bulb, things start to look different: spending becomes investment (which is a more appropriate term).

It is reported that “the key piece of this technology using less LED maximum brightness is in the cooling system that incorporates light bulb.” A system that utilizes principles of passive cooling (such as convection), to take all the heat outside.

Energy efficiency in lighting can be provided in several ways. The efficiency indicates how much light a bulb produces light per watt of electricity consumed. We call lumens per watt (lm / W). Another way to determine the energy efficiency of a bulb is to know the total wattage consumed (or consumed) during operation. The Switch100 has 1700 lumens and consumes 16 W.

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