Recently the company LVD (Low Voltage Douai) specializes in solutions for recharging electric vehicles participated in the inauguration of the first solar charging station in Amman, Jordan.

The ceremony took place at the University “El-Hassan Science City” in the presence of Princess Sumaya of Jordan, who is closely following the technological advances of his country in the field of alternative energies.

The project was developed with several partners whose primary NetEnergy, a Jordanian company specialized in solar charging, but also Nissan, Matra, AllCell Technologies and the Jordanian Ministry of the Environment.

This station, open to all, can be used “for free” by the users of electric vehicles.

The station is equipped with a terminal DBT model SXB 7kW (220-32A) that can recharge a Nissan Leaf in less than 4 hours. Equipped with two catches, this station can be used simultaneously by two electric vehicles of all types (car, scooter, bicycle…). DBT believes that the solar station will produce up to 25,000 kilowatts per year, the panels are also able to supply other facilities on the campus of the University, all without carbon.

The project, which required several years of research, allows LVD to confirm his involvement in technology initiatives “sustainable” and its ability to partner with key partners to create tomorrow’s mobility. The solar charging solution “turnkey” and just add the provision of infrastructure for DBT electric vehicles.

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