Inner Mongolia in northern China, is the first region of over 10,000 megawatt wind.

Inner Mongolia and contributes to the power supply 10,900 megawatts of wind energy. In 2010 the regional government installed wind turbines with a capacity of 4.8 GW. Inner Mongolia has 150 GW of wind resources, nearly half the national total land. In addition, two of the eight farms with an installed capacity of 10 GW each are located in Inner Mongolia.

In the past six years, Inner Mongolia each year doubled wind power, and five of its cities already have an installed capacity of over 1 GW. In 2010, wind farms in Inner Mongolia 19.9 TWh electricity generated, an increase of 73.2 percent over the previous year. The region plans to install 3.5 GW of wind power in 2011.

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