Schüco TF ProSol launches an innovative system that integrates thin-film photovoltaic technology in building facades of new construction and renovation.

The module window and front ProSol Schüco TF provides the ideal solution for each project, opens up unique possibilities for solar architecture and sets new standards in efficiency and design, representing the future of solar technology.

The module window and front ProSol Schüco TF meets all requirements of the envelope of the buildings to generate energy with planning reliability, functionality and aesthetics, increasing property values.

Cells thin-film silicon modules TF ProSol advantage of a very efficient way the conditions of integration into the building. Even at high temperatures and a light diffuse radiation, the modules provide very good performance values.

From an architectural point of view, modules TF ProSol convincing in their aesthetic uniform and variable transparency glass shapes for any application.

At the factory in Osterweddingen Schüco near Magdeburg, photovoltaic modules are produced amorphous silicon large for integration into the facades, which have many advantages over conventional modules. Compared to alternative production methods, are able to reduce over 50,000 tons of CO2 per year. This is a unique procedure in the world which demonstrates the excellent compatibility of modules with environmental protection.

This flexible production method allows consistent format and large, of 2.20 mx 2.60 m (5.7 m²).

Windows and non-ventilated façade with ProSol Schüco TF

The new thin-film photovoltaic module ProSol Schüco TF assumed the main functions of the envelope of the facade and windows and insulating glass facades unventilated, combining solar protection, protection against weather, noise protection, protection against prying eyes, thermal insulation and power generation. The module combines aesthetic design with high and sophisticated technology and solar power generation and manages to unite the interior and exterior of buildings with large transparent surfaces. The incidence of daylight creates a pleasant environment. With the amorphous thin-film technology are achieved attractive smooth surface. Cells obtained silicon thin film also has excellent production values even diffuse light radiation.
Laser can generate degrees of transparency of up to 30%, which keeps a close proximity to the environment. With the laser can also burn patterns and logos.

Schüco ventilated facade with ProSol TF

Schüco ventilated façade is the efficient system that integrates ProSol TF opaque facades large format projects for new construction and renovation. This solution allows for maximum safety, both in the planning and forecasting of costs, since the processes of installation and commissioning are reduced significantly. This is achieved thanks to an energy rehabilitation of the facade very economical. The additional cost to produce thin-film modules will compensate for the premium received by the injection of power to the network.

Schüco façade mounting with ProSol TF

With a small investment can be retrofitted facades of buildings currently unused, for powerful solar benefits through a solution called “ready to install.” This comprehensive, modularly expandable from thin-film modules ProSol Schüco TF with an area of 5.7 m² each, allows quick and easy installation with fewer components without altering the structure of the building. With a structural load low enough four points of connection to the existing facade.

Schüco ALB sunscreen with ProSol TF

Thin-film modules ProSol Schüco TF can be used as sun protection, opaque or semitransparent, new facades and reform. Integration, for example, curtain walls or masonry walls is done by large fixed blades. Prefabricated components can, as in other applications, easy installation and high security, in co-mo planning in anticipation of costs.

“This innovative combination of thin film photovoltaic technology with acids recognized windows and facade systems Schüco solar solutions offering sustainable, high performance for all buildings. 60 years of technological leadership translated in the development of technology and the most innovative design environmentally friendly, always faithful to our corporate mission Energy2 – energy saving and generation, “state business leaders and product the company.

Schüco is the leading pioneer in building envelopes. The company is a global experience in developing and implementing solar solutions, windows, doors and facades. With over 5,000 employees and 12,000 partner companies, Schüco is present in over 75 countries around the world. The company headquarters is located in Bielefeld (Germany), from which not only provides cutting-edge technology for windows and facades but also efficient solar solutions for solar heating and solar electricity. Itself has a technology research center dedicated to the design of high-quality solutions, with systems that meet the highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency, safety, comfort and design.

The company also offers expert advice to architects, developers, manufacturers of aluminum and PVC, solar installers, investors and workshops. The aim is to provide tailored solutions to all market sectors – covering aspects such as the renovation and rehabilitation, in addition to new construction, special projects, public administration, commercial and industrial as well as major reference works.

Schüco has established an innovative concept with the addition of Energy2 Saving and energy. Thermal insulation, building automation and efficient solar solutions that help reduce energy consumption while simultaneously generates clean energy. With this, Schüco shows how necessary climate protection can be combined with business success. And all this also with an elegant architecture.

Schüco Iberia began a new career as a subsidiary in September 2010, beginning and a promising future as part of this global network of companies in over 75 countries. This year the company celebrated its 20th anniversary in the Iberian Peninsula.

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