Thursday morning (10.13.2011) saw the inauguration of the commissioning of the largest solar farm (polycrystalline modules) built in France in the presence of Philippe Raymond, Mayor of Les Mees, Ronald Knoche, CEO of Eco Delta, and Hiroaki Mizobuchi, Executive Director of Sumitomo Corporation.

With a capacity of 30.9 MWp Les Mees Solar Farm in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, was designed and developed by Eco Delta, developer and operator of independent power production facilities with a basis of wind and solar energy, with the support of its partner, the Japanese giant Sumitomo Corporation.

“The formal commissioning of the Les Mees Solar Farm, the largest photovoltaic power plant in France today is a major event for the future of the French photovoltaic sector. It confirms the need to let their chance to SMEs independent as ours, because they are the source of wealth and dynamism of the sector, in accordance with the principles of environmental, social and societal sustainable development. We thank the town of Les Mees, Sumitomo Corporation and all our partners have made ​​this great achievement, “said Ron Knoche, CEO of Eco Delta.

“First of all we express our deep gratitude to everyone who supported us in this project to the Les Mees Solar monumental. We are extremely pleased with the opening of the farm in Les Mees. Not only because c is the largest photovoltaic project in which we have never participated, but also because the facility is expected to contribute significantly to the preservation of the environment in the region, and the use of renewable energy in France . Sumitomo Corporation’s priority is to develop relationships based on trust, and as such, meet the expectations of everyone involved in this project, through a strong managerial and operational management that we are committed to for over 20 years, with our partner Eco Delta, “said Hiroaki Mizobuchi, executive director of Sumitomo Corporation.

One of the highest possible yields in France

Les Mees Solar farm consists of six parks, five of which are already in service and all of which will be a few days. It is deployed on 70 acres of the plateau of  Les Mees, characterized by an exceptional site:

– The combination of sunshine all year record (1550 kWh of solar horizontal per year) and relatively low temperatures,
– As well as clean air thanks to its high altitude (800 meters) and the absence of heavy industry in the region.

With more than 1455 kWh / kWp per year, the facility offers one of the highest possible yields in France. It produces 50 GW / year and provides electricity to 83,000 people in the region.

Created and environmentally sustainable agriculture

At the base of corporate ethics Eco Delta, environmental sustainability and agricultural oversaw the design and implementation of the Les Mees Solar Farm, like all of its projects. The 70 hectares of former wasteland farm occupied by the facility have been prepared by the method of mulching (crushing plant cover) and turn them into farmland. Similarly, to preserve the land, Eco Delta has decided to limit the use of concrete by choosing to implement the supporting structures of photovoltaic panels with screws. The land will be seeded plants honey to produce honey and essential oils, while promoting the conservation of bees. Finally, the conversion of the solar farm on agricultural land in Les Mees, lifespan and the recycling of photovoltaic panels have been set at conception.

Launched in January this year, construction was provided by the turnkey Energy Sector of Siemens France. 112,780 provided by Suntech polycrystalline panels have been installed including.

The investment made ​​by Lavansol 1, the operator of the farm Les Mees Solar Eco jointly owned by Delta and Sumitomo Corporation, amounted to 110 million euros financed by equity and bank loans. Full year, a Lavansol should realize a turnover of 14.5 million euros.

To complete this achievement very ambitious, which contributes significantly to energy diversification of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, both partners were supported by local authorities.

“It’s a real satisfaction to see achieving such an important project (…) The municipality has invested heavily in the success of this project because the renewable energy it seems essential in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions and to preserve the planet. In addition, the site is particularly suitable for the installation of photovoltaic parks. The discomfort is minimal for agriculture and for the general population. Finally, despite the removal of business tax The municipality hopes the tax benefits that will enable it to better meet the needs of residents. I wish every success to the largest solar farm in France, “concluded Philippe Raymond, Mayor of Les Mees.

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