Impsa is the largest Latin American manufacturer of wind turbines, and has a strong presence in the Brazilian wind market, much higher than in Argentina, where the wind is going very slowly.

Impsa build 7 wind farms in the municipalities of Acaraú and Acaratí, in Ceara, northeastern Brazil. The wind farms will begin operating in 2012 and add 211 megawatts to 532 megawatts that will Impsa in Brazil.

The funds come from the Caixa Economica Federal of Brazil and the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES). Historically, there was only a wind turbine manufacturer in Brazil, Wobben Windpower, a subsidiary of German company Enercon, present in the Brazilian wind market, with two factories. More recently, other suppliers wind began to enter the market, including Argentina Impsa company, and Suzlon and Vestas, which has sold wind turbines for projects within the program PROINFA.

In 2009 and 2010 witnessed the entry of new firms in the market for wind power in Brazil, and entered new wind turbine manufacturers such as Alstom, Gamesa, GE Wind and Siemens. GE and Alstom are building wind turbine factories in Brazil, while Gamesa and Suzlon have announced plans to manufacture in the short term.

Energimp, owned by Impsa, is the largest wind developer in Brazil. A wind farms cited must add another 10 wind farms with 148 wind turbines and 222 megawatts in Santa Catarina and 9 wind farms with 270 megawatts in Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte.

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