Having previously invested in other small wind farms, IKEA has taken the leap and is investing hundreds of millions of kronor (~$15.6 mln) to build its own wind farm in Korpfjället (Crow Mountain) in Dalarna, Sweden. Electricity production should be sufficient to meet the needs of the 17 IKEA stores in Sweden.

“We ensure long term access to renewable energy and CO2 footprint of IKEA,” says Peter Agnefjäll, CEO of IKEA Sweden. The nine-turbine wind farm will be built and operated by the O2 company and is expected to be operational in early 2012.

The investment is considerable, even with the size of Ikea. Judging from the information previously released by O2, investment should be more than 400 million SEK.

“We expect this to be a good business, it is not anything that we are ashamed. Ikea both to our clients, we let the savings that we allegedly shared with them “, so as Agnefjäll could be a positive impact on prices. The wind farm will be located on the border between the municipalities of Vansbro and Malung-Sälen.

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