Hertz announced in the coming months to promote among its customers rent vehicles, electric cars and bicycles.

Hertz sold as new models of electric bicycles in the Balearic Islands, through the company Electricbikes, which have a lithium ion battery and a range of 85 kilometers which can travel at maximum speed allowed by Spanish law, up to 25 kilometers per hour.

Thus, according to the company, customers can browse through the islands while caring for the environment, for a price of rent is the same for all models, 24 euros a day if you make a reservation and 28 if done in the same office.

At the moment this service is offered in the Balearic Islands, Granada, Almeria, Pontevedra, Valencia, Alicante Alava and, although it is expected that the offer be extended to the entire Spanish territory, according to the company Electricbikes.

Finally, this initiative is part of Ecomobility Hertz, who “bet” for the care of the environment adding to its fleet of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, in addition to charging stations easy to use.

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