Google has added to its Google Maps mapping system indicate the possibility of charging points for electric cars. The company claims that the initiative aims to contribute to “accelerate adoption of electric vehicles.” The company has promised that he will update the database of power stations and encourages users to expand the service warning of new posts.

The commitment to alternative energy sources for vehicles is consolidated. Large manufacturers, especially U.S. and Asian countries are developing prototypes of electric vehicles that are already available. The number of vehicles increases in countries such as the United States. Google has wanted to join this trend with its latest green initiative.

Users with electric vehicles will be able to plan their trips using Google Maps. Refueling stations for electronic vehicles are increasing but the location is not currently widespread. Now thanks to Google Maps users can browse these establishments to ensure a charging point on their travels.

Google Maps users can enter in search of people they are going and the system will report electronic recharge services that are near your destination.

Google wants to contribute to this initiative to the definitive consolidation of electric cars. Besides including refueling facilities for such vehicles between their results, the company encouraged to participate in space GeoEVSE Forum, a platform to improve the database of service companies and manufacturers created by the Department of Energy United States .

The company encourages both private sector companies to participate in the development of an information system for vehicle electronic content. Users can write directly to Google or participate in Forum GeoEVSE to add new stores to search results Google Maps. Google’s message in announcing this news ends with the wish of the company that users have a “happy greener motoring”.

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