Google has announced it will invest 168 million dollars in a CSP plant in the Mojave Desert (California). The Ivanpah solar plant will be built by BrightSource Energy Company and will have a capacity of 392 MW.

The solar thermal power plant uses mirrors (heliostats) to concentrate the sun’s heat on top of a tower and generate steam to spin a turbine. Solar towers are very efficient and they get to concentrate an enormous amount of heat in a very small area, producing steam with high pressure and temperature (more than 537 º C).

Ivanpah solar tower will be 137 meters tall and the sun reflected receive 173,000 heliostats, each equipped with two mirrors. Construction began last fall and is expected to conclude in late 2013.

Part of the motivation of Google in this solar power plant is in direct support to the sector:

Intelligent capital is needed to transform our energy in a clean energy future. This is our largest investment to date, a total of $ 250 million already invested in clean energy. We are excited about the Ivanpah solar thermal power plant, for example important to involve the use of solar energy and its potential to reduce costs of future projects.

Google also wants to make its role in renewable energy. His new step has been the investment of 100 million dollars for the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in Oregon, United States, which will be the largest wind farm in the world ends.

Good news for improving renewable energy. The wind farm will be completed in 2012 and will produce 845 MW of wind power, enough for more than 235,000 homes. Furthermore, this huge park will also bring an improvement in the implementation of new technologies in wind power as the first major park in the U.S. to use wind turbines with permanent magnet.

This facility will not only help the state of Oregon to take advantage of its natural resources but also help the state of California as part of the energy produced will be sold in this state.

The wind farm joins other investments like 168 million for the new solar energy system in California and a ISEGS barest 5 million for a photovoltaic solar power plant in Germany.

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