General Energy, the energy division of General Electric (GE) on Tuesday unveiled its new range of onshore turbines with hub heights exceeding 130 meters.

According to the U.S. conglomerate, the new towers allow an increase in annual energy production (EAP) and increase the number of potential wind sites.

Moreover, the new tower has a form particularly suited to densely forested hills and are subject to strong turbulence.

But initially, the towers will be to the series of GE 2.5 MW, of which the new wind 2.75-103.

“We continually strive to increase value for our customers. This tower, which will also be available for our new wind 2.75-103, is the next step in our evolving product portfolio,” said Stephan Ritter, CEO of GE Renewable Energy Europe.

“These towers taller, more sites may be conducive to developing wind farms. The increased height also provides more value to customers through stronger winds and reduced the impact of turbulence, which results in an increase in annual energy production. ”

This tower will have a hybrid design robust precast concrete and steel tube. “This construction provides an optimal balance between value for customers and technologies, while reducing the logistical challenges,” said GE in a statement.

Finally, GE announced that this new tower will debut in major markets like Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, Romania and Canada.

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