On the occasion of the Regional Meeting of World Economic Forum in Jakarta, GDF Suez, through its subsidiary, International Power, PT Supreme Energy and Marubeni signed a joint venture agreement for the development of geothermal project in Rantau Dedap, located in South Sumatra province.

The agreement came after Supreme Energy has won the tender for the concession (WKP) and the licensing of geothermal (IUP) in Rantau Dedap PT Supreme Energy, the company responsible for development future of the project.

Supreme Energy and IPR-GDF Suez have moved closer to Marubeni to bring in an Indonesian geothermal set of technical knowledge, expertise in geothermal and experiences of development and operation of power stations IPP (Independent Power Producer ) in Indonesia.

PT Supreme Rantau Dedap Energy will negotiate an energy supply (Power Purchase Agreement – PPA) with PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) on sales of electricity from the geothermal resource prior to the commencement of exploration activities and development of the power plant, if successful exploration.

The proposed geothermal power plant with a capacity of 220 MW, located in the area of Rantau Dedap, fits into the second program of accelerated development of the power of the Indonesian Government.

The program covers a total of 10 000 MW. The plant will thus help to meet the growing demand for electricity in the country using renewable energy resources.

GDF Suez is already active in Indonesia in the fields of electricity, oil and gas, and water-related services. In Indonesia, IPR-GDF Suez is the leading independent producer with 1,280 MW of assets in operation and 850 MW under construction (Paiton).

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