The electric vehicle, with yet undisclosed price, have a range close to 150 kilometers with a top speed of 135 kilometers per hour.

Ford Motor Company showed its electric car electric Focus – the first electric car with lithium batteries the company. Version zero CO2 emissions and gasoline-free car popular Ford, is the flagship of the growing fleet of electric vehicles.

Focus The electric car will be launched in late 2011 and is designed to provide sufficient range to cover most of the habits of Americans. It is expected that a full recharge takes three to four hours at home with the docking station 240 volts.

Ford said its performance in use will be competitive with the electric car Leaf. Late last year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA by its initials in English) estimated that Leaf would have a yield equivalent to 106 miles per gallon (45 kilometers per liter) in city driving, and 92 miles per gallon on the highway. The EPA determined the numbers estimated to cost $ 561 annually in electricity load the car.

Ford said the Focus will have a unique device designed by Microsoft to charge the electric vehicle during peak hours of energy, where utility rates are cheaper, to save on electricity payment. Besides the electric car has a touch screen with information like the amount of cargo by using the distance to the next station to recharge and the amount of gasoline saved.

Pricing was not announced. The cost of Leaf electric car will be $ 32,780, but the buyer can get a federal tax credit of $ 7,500, lowering the price to $ 25,780.

Focus Electric introduces new features and technologies, including a unique version of the connection system MyTouch Ford driver, especially for electric vehicles, load a new value function enabled by Microsoft, and a smart phone application called Mobile MyFord that helps the owners to control their vehicles remotely.

Both variants of the Focus, gasoline and electricity will be sold in North America, will be built at the Ford plant in Wayne, Mich., Which enabled one of the solar power generation systems the state’s largest photovoltaic. For European markets, is currently defining which will build the plant where the Focus Electric.

The all-electric powertrain and a single-speed transmission provide an immediate response capacity and smooth acceleration when the driver presses the accelerator, to a top speed of 136 kilometers per hour.

It is likely that the owners of Focus Electric will have the cable connectors used for electric vehicles charging one or more times a day. The handle of the plug using a matte black rubber that can hold comfortably and without slipping. The plug head is covered with a protective bright white plastic .

When connected to the port of loading of the electric vehicle, which is located conveniently between the driver’s door and the hole of the front wheel activates a light ring around the port twice to recognize the connectivity. The ring of light illuminates then loaded into quadrants as electric vehicles.

The quadrants that represent the load flash process, and solid squares show the stages of completion of loading. In the unlikely event of a failure, the complete ring flash. When illuminated the complete ring in solid form, the vehicle is fully loaded.

The Power Focus uses an advanced lithium-ion batteries designed by Ford in cooperation with the supplier LG Chem battery system uses hot and cold fluid to help maximize battery life and extent of fuel.

The Focus will be Ford’s first electric car on the market. The company last year began selling an electric version of the Transit Connect van. The Chevrolet Volt, an electric car with a small gasoline engine comes into operation if the load is finished, is another electric car for sale in the United States at this time, but other competitors are planning to introduce electric cars soon. Toyota plans to start selling an electric car by 2012 RAV4 crossover, Chrysler plans to sell a Fiat 500 Honda Electrical and sell an electric version of the Fit subcompact.

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