Feve develop an electric train will be powered by photovoltaic solar energy in cooperation with the University of León, according to the narrow gauge railway operator.

Specifically, the project “RoblaSolar” seeks to build a self-propelled rail vehicle by an electric motor powered by solar energy, and able to carry small loads, according to Europa Press in Feve sources.

This is the first program of joint participation in R + D + i result of joint cooperation agreement signed Feve president, Angel Villalba, and the rector of the Universidad de León, José Ángel Hermida.

The bill provides that the energy that moves the train’s electric motor will be supplied by batteries solar panels supported by staying on top of the vehicle. In parallel, the motor recovers energy from deceleration and braking to charge the batteries.

The design of the train provides a vehicle to be small, lightweight, flexible and modular, so that aerodynamics play an important role in saving energy. To carry out this project will create a multidisciplinary team in areas such as electricity, electronics, mechanics, aerodynamics, and telecommunications and rail transport.

According Feve and the University of Leon, “RoblaSolar” is a pioneering project engineering, as well as integrating the latest high performance technologies in the field of photovoltaics and the use of methods of propulsion that optimize consumption.

The framework chosen for the preparation and presentation of this project, La Robla, is loaded with a high symbolic value in the old settled coal train now, the fruit of this collaboration agreement between Feve and the University of León, will be continued in the field of energy symbolizing a transition from coal to clean energy.

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