Facebook has announced the creation of an application that users can control their energy consumption with and thereby achieve savings. The base system will be compared with other users and a system of competition. This social network application follows other initiatives by Microsoft and Google, which did not work very well as they threw the closure in July and September, respectively.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network wants to help its users to control and save on the electricity bill. Therefore, they launch the application ‘Opower’ in collaboration with The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Opower company. With the application, users can compare the energy consumption of similar homes, using a national database, and compete against their friends in terms of use and energy efficiency.

Users will also be able to organize themselves into teams and compete against others. They may also share this information through the wall or ‘Timeline’. The key to this application is the ability to automatically import energy data in the application, but users can also enter data manually. So far, no date of the launch.

Other companies like Microsoft and Google also launched their own energy saving systems but have failed to succeed. Microsoft announced in July it was closing its energy management service, called Hohm, followed by a similar move by Google. Google said its own energy monitoring service, Google PowerMeter, would retire on September 16.

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