Wind prospecting studies in the north of Ciego de Avila revealed the existence of two areas with potential for wind turbines.

Adonis Lorenzo Perez, a specialist in renewable energy in the country, said that data collected for two years anemometer towers 50 meters high positive values showed place known as the Four, Chambas and Turiguanó in Morón.

The investigator reported that in the four wind speed exceeds six meters per second per year, considered very good measurement and gives criteria to assemble windmills capable of generating two MW in the same period.

Lorenzo Perez said that in a second stage of the project will be tested in Cunagua and Florence to prove scientifically predict what the natural conditions of both sites.

In 2010 the wind farm wind Turiguanó with one of the two who have, contributed to the National Electric System (SEN) 296.7 MWh with a saving of 81 tons of oil and the environment stopped emitting 256 tons of carbon dioxide concluded.

Valenzuela Rodolfo Garcia, head of Energy and Science and Technology in Ciego de Avila, said SEN also gave the 3,406 MWh through hydroelectric Florence.

Garcia Valenzuela noted that enhances the use of solar water heaters installed in hotels, and photovoltaic panels in communities where it is impossible today an investment in electricity networks.

For several years Cuba has been developing strategies to generalize and make more use to the sun, wind and biogas as options for clean energy and reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact.

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