The European Commission wants to remove the petrol and diesel cars of urban transport in the next 40 years. In 2030 electric vehicles will account to 50%.

The EC wants to move to rail or ship 50% of passenger and freight traffic now goes by road and 40% reduction in CO2 emissions from freight transport. Thus, the European Union wants up to 60% cut in CO2 emissions by all modes of transport by 2050. The EU transport commissioner, Siim Kallas, noted that oil currently meets 96% of energy consumed by transport in the European Union (EU), which considered unsustainable.

According to Siim Kallas, the plan is focused on tackling some of the practical problems facing cities and companies who seek to follow the European market for electric cars. Includes the creation of new urban mobility concepts, information and communication technologies, and different types of electric vehicles.

To accelerate this transition, the EU executive will propose in the coming months a common system for cities that want to introduce congestion charging, such as already exists for example in London to reduce congestion. In addition, Brussels precedence over EU funds to cities to develop sustainable transport plans.

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