Electric cars will have a single type of the plug in Europe, regardless of country, supply brand or company, under an agreement announced by European car manufacturers. “This is a big step towards the introduction of rechargeable electric vehicles in Europe, which opens the door to a harmonized solution across the world,” said Ivan Hodac, secretary general of the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA).

The organization explained that different standards are currently used for recharging plug-in electric vehicles, resulting in a fragmentation of the market for such vehicles. The members of ACEA, which is headquartered in Brussels, agreed on a series of recommendations that relate to both slow and fast loads and the use of AC or DC.

Standardization of systems connecting to the network “provides predictability to investors, allows considerable savings and reduce costs,” said Hodac. ACEA says that the recommended system meets all safety requirements and is easy to use.

European car manufacturers estimate that plug-in electric cars will involve between 3% and 10% of new cars market in Europe between 2020-2025, and that this penetration will depend in part on how to solve the challenges facing this type of electric vehicle.

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