Going Green has given for the event two Think City electric cars, two Vectrix electric scooters and Matra electric bicycles.

Going Green, a national leader in electric mobility solutions, has given the organization of the Tour of Spain two Think City electric cars, two electric scooters Vectrix and electric bikes VX1 Matra, who will participate in 21 stages, accompanying riders in the return to Spain.

Electric cars will participate in the race going ahead of the pack, and will also bicycles and electric scooters to set the start and finish of each stage in the tent of the IDEA. This initiative is a huge benefit for cyclists and spectators, as they were first rid of CO2 emissions and noise pollution that is inevitably linked to the combustion vehicles.

This project also seeks to harness the pull of an event of international significance such as the Tour of Spain to raise awareness among all citizens of our country and even beyond our borders, the viability of electric vehicles, which are today a reality in Spain. The partnership between Going Green and the organization of the Vuelta 2011, thus contributing to strengthening the environmental awareness of our society, encouraging people to take the necessary steps to join the stream of electrical mobility is growing rapidly worldwide.

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