More than 20 municipalities throughout Spain have already incorporated electric scooters for their police forces as a measure for the promotion of electric mobility

The purchase of electric scooters for the fleets of the police has become one of the measures taken by municipalities across the country as part of its commitment to society and environmental protection. In the last three years, more than 20 municipalities have joined this initiative, and only in the first quarter of 2011 have been delivered to 33 different locations Vectrix motorcycles.

Among the latter cities have joined this movement in favor of electric mobility are Madrid, Algeciras, Calvi and Guadalajara. Internationally, other cities have also joined are London, New York or Glasgow.

Going Green, through its network of dealers nationwide, has worked actively with law enforcement and municipalities from the beginning of its journey in the fight against climate change. The company now distributes three versions of the Vectrix electric scooter VX-1, which are tailored to the needs of users based on mobility needs.

The choice by the councils of the Vectrix bikes and mobility solution is based on 4 pillars: environmental protection, savings, skills and performance of the bikes and the adaptation to the needs of law enforcement:

The Vectrix electric scooter is manufactured according to the highest standards of environmental protection, and has zero CO2 emissions. It is especially suited for patrolling the inner city due to its clean and quiet.

These bikes have a consumption of only €0.5 per 100km and maintenance costs almost nonexistent, so there is clearly a remarkable savings compared to combustion models.

The Vectrix bikes have a power and a similar size to a 250cc bike and its components are of the highest quality. Quality and technology combine to provide the best performance: increased stability, excellent performance, regenerative braking and even allows a device to integrate control and remote status monitoring and operation.

The security forces highly value these bikes, highlighting its handling and performance, practicality and economic stability and reliability. In addition, electric motorcycle project a positive image of the city and the police.

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  1. The municipalities of Spain are setting a great example. We can only hope that the cities in the US follow their example. Electric motorcycles and electric scooters are the future.

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