London is the stage where the first test of wireless charging for electric vehicles will take place.

The test is of great importance for the automotive industry and will take place in early 2012 in the Tech City, the technology center in east London. It is an initiative of Qualcomm Incorporated Company with the collaboration with the UK government, the City of London and public transport company in London (TFL).

During the test, use the wireless transfer of energy by induction energy transfer allows high efficiency through large gaps. This system has been used by some companies for wireless charging of mobile devices, like Palm or HP with Powermat, a manufacturer of special housings for mobile phones.

This paper adds to the evidence and made ​​with electric vehicles, under the auspices of the Technology Strategy Board and the Department of low-emission vehicles in the UK, said Andrew Gilbert, executive vice president of development of new technologies from Qualcomm in Europe.

The wireless charging is “easy” and “simple” to use, the company said. You only need the driver park the vehicle as you normally would and the system automatically aligns the transfer of energy in this way is easier to park and recharge is done without complications.

It has chosen Tech City in order to take advantage of the presence of a large business community in the area and encourage companies to innovate in services and applications that enhance the experience of electric vehicles. “For Qualcomm, participate in the pretest to the commercial stage of WEVC in London” is a great challenge, the company has secured

These pre-commercial testing will begin in early 2012 with 50 electric vehicles. Qualcomm is one of the leading companies in the mobility sector and has reacted quickly to point out also in the automotive industry, as more and more cars are becoming ‘mobile on wheels’.

More and more car manufacturers offer Internet connection and all kinds of services. In addition, companies like Powermat have induction charging solutions for in-vehicle devices.

The U.S. Qualcomm wants to go beyond and that is developing technology to easily recharge electric cars. The mobile giant recently bought the wireless charging cars technology company HaloIPT of New Zealand.

The technology of this company is using the results of the investigation of University of Auckland and uses induction charging. The company has created a special platform that allows you to park your car on it and recharged without wires. To this end, the car must also have a system compatible with this technology.

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