Enerfin, a subsidiary of Spanish engineering Elecnor has achieved the award of 28 MW in Brazil, where it already claims to be developing and operating three hundred megawatts. The company consolidates among the industry leaders in the great nation of South America. The award is part of the recent award of two wind gigawatts (2,000 MW) by the federal government.

The new park will be built under the new financing Elecnor got in early August. Specifically, the company obtained third party financing (project finance) for an amount totaling 445 million reais (198 million) from Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social.

The financing has a term of sixteen. The new project awarded, Elecnor announced the Brazilian securities market last August 22, covers the construction and operation of a new park called Two Indians 2, located in the State of Rio Grande do Sul The park will be integrated within the wind farm that the Spanish company already owns in Osório, in operation since 2006, and cited as the biggest in Latin America, with its current 150 MW.

Total investment for the new extension of the park, which will house fourteen wind turbines, rising to 104 million reais (45.3 million). The estimated date for your network connection is July 2014. The development of the park Two Indians 2 involves the use of infrastructure transformation and network connection that has already complex Osorio, “which allowed the offer very competitive prices, factor in the current Brazilian wind market circumstances “according Elecnor. The company says the development of this new park is part of its 2011-2013 Strategic Plan, which plans to invest 2,800 million euros, of which 700 are directly attributable to the company through capital contributions to fund projects under the form of  “finance project “.

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