The key to the development of wind power is regulatory policy. Lennart Fagerberg, CEO of E. ON Renewables in Spain, said  during his speech at the annual Wind Convention of the Wind Energy Association (ESA), within 15 years, the land or onshore wind capacity installed worldwide will increase from the 185,000 MW at present to over 800,000 MW.

According to Fagerberg, “however we deem implemented at present onshore wind at 15 years five times the installed capacity.” To this date, the Asia-Pacific region will have 396,000 MW of onshore wind power, nearly half the global total.

And is that Asia, especially China, will experience strong growth that will turn the continent into the largest operator in the world and onshore wind in 2014. Meanwhile, Europe will maintain its growth by adding 10,000 MW per year and will grow from 83,000 MW today to more than 225,000 MW in 2025.

With regard to marine or offshore wind, Fagerberg states that “the installed capacity is still very small and far from the goals of 2020 established the Renewable Energy plans of the European Union to put the installed offshore wind target for that year at 43,000 MW. To date there are only 3,000 MW installed mainly in the UK and Northern Europe. Since E. ON, “we believe that Europe will remain the largest market for offshore wind thanks to its portfolio of large scale projects in northern Europe and the North Sea. These projects include some developed by E. ON as the ‘London Array’ which will add 1,000 MW of installed power. ”

For E. ON, the key to the development of wind energy market, both onshore and offshore, is “a clear regulation, stable, predictable and transparent and adequate support from different governments,” concluded Fagerberg speaking at the presentation dedicated the keys of the “New international stage for wind energy.”

The fourth edition of the Wind of the ESA Convention was held on 7 and 8 June in Madrid. This year’s meeting focuses on the growing internationalization of the sector and the challenges it faces in order to comply the objectives of the European Union by 2020.

E. ON Climate & Renewables, the division of E. ON Group’s renewable whose subsidiary in Spain is headed by Miguel Antoñanzas, has 3,600 MW of renewable energy (1,900 MW in the U.S. and 1,700 MW in Europe), of which 450 MW are installed in our country.

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