Envive LP and ConocoPhillips, respectively maker of fuel from biomass treated and producer of oil and gas announced Monday it had entered into a partnership in order to create a new company (Eco Biomass Technologies) that provide the fuel market with roasted biomass.

Thus, Eco Biomass use a combination of proprietary technologies and existing acquired to manufacture and sell wood pellets roasted renewable. The initial installation of the company, which should be operational in 2013, will produce wood pellets that will be sold through agreements with major utilities.

The roasting process involves overheating of the biomass fuel to create a uniform, hydrophobic, dense and highly efficient coal-like but with a superior environmental profile. Because of the unique properties of the fuel roasted and its benefits in terms of combustion, this renewable solution “to pay” manufactured by Eco Biomass provides an alternative for utilities looking to reduce their carbon emissions and extend the life their facilities and infrastructure existing coal combustion without having to make capital investments too great.

“While the roast is widely used in many industries, adapting to the renewable energy sector has yet to demonstrate its cost-effectiveness and adaptability. Our partnership with ConocoPhillips is designed to provide the new renewable fuel and sustainable sector of energy production and help our customers in the public services to reduce their environmental impact in a competitive manner, “said John Keppler, President and CEO of Envive. “Our two companies are innovators in the energy sector and this partnership underscores our commitment to developing sustainable solutions in energy.”

Due to the large number of clients in the commercial and public services in the United States, Europe and Asia seeking to upgrade their production facilities to use energy from renewable fuels, Eco Biomass seek to significantly expand its production capacity over the coming years. Envive already operates plants in traditional wood pellets in the United States and Europe accounting for about 750,000 metric tons of annual capacity combined in 2011.

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