The Chinese government has set a target of installed capacity of solar power generation of 15 gigawatt by 2015 and for the wind power capacity it now reaches 100 GW.

The ambitious initiative may have been encouraged by a rapid increase in the installation of solar energy in recent months after the government unified the tariffs for solar energy projects in July and offered a higher price for the projects put into operation before year-end.

China had already doubled its goal of producing solar energy by 2015, 10 GW, after the crisis of the Japanese nuclear plant. The installed capacity of solar power in late 2010 was less than 1 GW in China, the world’s largest exporter of photovoltaic products and home to some of the best players in the industry, like Trina Solar, JA Solar, LDK Solar and Suntech Power .

Annual production of solar energy will reach 20,000 million kilowatt hours in 2015 and wind energy production will reach 190,000 million kWh, China National Radio said.

Projected capacity of 100 GW of wind power in 2015, will be built in 5 GW offshore wind farms. The total production target of wind power remained stable. The production of non-fossil energy, including wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and nuclear power, is 480 million tons of coal in 2015.

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