Canada is one of the most dynamic wind energy markets in 2011, according to the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

In 2011 Canada will have a record year for wind turbines with an installed capacity will nearly double the number of megawatts the year before. This has been assured the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA), which reports this year have been installed and will enter service around 1338 MW.

In 2010 the figure was 690 MW. These new facilities represent nearly 3.5 billion dollars (2.6 billion euros) of investment and creating over 13,500 jobs.

The province of Ontario is leading the new wind farms, with more than 500 MW of capacity planned to be installed until later this year. British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia also will house new parks.

Canada is expected to reach well over 5,300 MW of total installed capacity of wind power, enough to supply electricity to more than 1.5 million Canadian homes every year. As a comparison, at the end of 2001 there were only 198 MW installed.

In the future, there are more than 6,000 MW of wind projects under contract to be built in Canada over the next five years, and several provincial governments are implementing new hiring process.

“2011 has been an exceptional year for developing new sources of wind energy in Canada, which means cleaner air, new jobs and investment to local communities hosting wind energy projects,” said the President of CANWEA, Robert Hornung.

Hornung added that “Canada and Ontario in particular are becoming a competitive destination for investment in wind energy worldwide. Maintaining this position will require ongoing commitment, aggressive goals for wind energy development and a stable political framework. “

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