A satellite has detected that California has a high potential for geothermal energy sources on the border with Mexico, in the same area where the U.S. casts its largest sources of wind and solar energy.

Carl Stills, geothermal project manager for Imperial County, reported that the analysis of satellite data was instructed to find ways to create jobs in the county, which has the highest unemployment in the country with about 30 percent.

“The development of renewable energy projects in the Imperial Valley could create up to six thousand permanent jobs and long-term operations,” said the official. For now in the Mexican region of Cerro Prieto generator near the border state of Baja California is the largest source of geothermal energy. The project belongs to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) of Mexico.

California next satellite study shows several points with geothermal potential, but unspecified amounts of energy in the Imperial Valley. An Arizona company, Sterling, and built in the semi-desert valley about 200 miles east of San Diego thermal power plant.

A couple of years the largest manufacturer of panels photovoltaic solar power generation, Germany’s Cell, set up a plant in Mexicali, Baja California, to supply the U.S. market. In parallel industry of renewable energy generation plans to install wind farms in the mountains and hills bordering the valley as the Rumorosa.

California Gov. Jerry Brown wants up to 20,000 megawatts of electricity from renewable sources to be generated within five years. Brown believes that the promotion of renewable energy can help California overcome the second highest unemployment in the country and boost the state economy as motivated by high technology in Silicon Valley.

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  1. The plan or should I say this project had been quite intriguing for there are several groups who disagrees with it these groups indicates that building these plants may affect the natural habitat of several species or animals living in the place.

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