BioPower Systems module will use the O-Drive in a pilot demonstration of Biowave on the coast of Victoria, Australia.

Ocean energy company, BioPower Systems, announced today it has completed comprehensive testing of power conversion module O-Drive full-scale, successfully delivering stable power to the network for extended periods with a high level of efficiency .

Module O-Drive is designed to connect 250kW to power systems waves and tides, as Biowave and bioSTREAM company. It is driven in an oscillating to convert ocean energy used by these systems on AC power for the network list.

Work began on the O-Drive in 2008 under a project funded in part by a grant from the Australian Commonwealth Government REDI. The O-Drive combines a hydraulic circuit, an electric generator, and a complex control algorithm to convert the forces typically large and slow movements, associated with ocean waves in a steady flow of electricity. It was built a test to reproduce the forces of the sea and apply the O-Drive to perform the tests.

“The ocean energy devices generally vary slowly in response to large forces, and this presents a major challenge in terms of energy use to produce electricity. O-Drive solves this problem outright, as it not only sets the motion but also rectified and smoothed, so it can produce electricity for the network list from a standard electrical generator,” said CEO of BioPower Systems, Dr. Timothy Finnigan. “We are very pleased with the efficiency of this system, and the quality of energy produced.”

The O-Drive is designed to be separated from a moored ocean energy, which allows an easy and profitable. Produce high-voltage power, allowing ocean energy systems to be installed even at considerable distances from the coast, since the transmission losses are minimal.

BioPower Systems module will use the O-Drive in a pilot demonstration of Biowave on the coast of Victoria, Australia. The company also intends to produce a commercial version of 1 MW Biowave, which may be used by four modules O-Drive of 250 kW.

“BioPower Systems has invested considerable capital and expertise to ensure that the O-Drive performs optimally and reliably prior to implementation,” said Dr. Finnigan.

The company is planning to offer turnkey solutions for ocean energy project developers. Equipment, services and support of ocean energy will be provided to companies that are currently developing wind farms.

“We intend to adopt a business model similar to those used in the field of wind energy. It is well established, and serves as a good precedent for ocean energy,” said Dr. Finnigan.

Ocean energy company, BioPower Systems is marketing products energy waves and tides that incorporate revolutionary designs based on the concept of biomimicry. BioPower Systems is developing products for ocean energy in a natural way to avoid the extreme forces, using lightweight construction, resulting in significant cost savings expected. The proprietary products Biowave and bioSTREAM are intended for use in agricultural facilities of several units to deliver clean renewable energy on a large scale distribution networks on the ground.

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