The Dutch town of Krommenie next year will install a bike path that produces energy through solar cells.

The new bike lane, solar flares, is the first floor with integrated solar cells which can be used as a bike path, while generating energy.

Bart Heller, the representative of legislature of the province of North Holland, praised the project as “unique in the world” and explained that it is a kind of thick plate glass, not slippery and resistant to inclement weather. “The tens of thousands of miles of pavement in Holland, in the bike lanes on motorways, capture the sun’s rays and it would be wonderful if we could turn them into sustainable energy,” Heller admitted.

Solar is developed by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in cooperation with the province of North Holland and two companies. Heller sees growth potential of electric vehicles: “In time the solar-powered vehicles will, there truly achieve zero emissions.” The solar energy could be used for lighting of roads.

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