PV modules installed will have to endure wind speeds of 140 mph and snow loads of up to nine kilograms per square meter. The manufacturer of these modules is the Norwegian multinational REC Solar, the Spanish company Albasolar – specifically its German subsidiary, has been the supplier of the modules 240 Scandinavian manufacturer Peak Energy (total of two megawatts, which with this addition will make it the largest park in the country).

The distributor of photovoltaic material Albasolar just announced that, through its headquarters in Germany, Albasolar GmbH, provided the largest photovoltaic solar project for Austria and the highest in Europe. The solar farm, located at 1,900 meters above sea level, has a power of two megawatts and is located in the Niedere Tauern massif, belonging to Steiermark region, near the wind farm located at the very top. Since 10.20.11, it is been connected and sending electricity into the grid.

In the statement released by Albasolar, the Spanish distributor says that “a firm commitment by the Austrian party to the current photovoltaic expansion will strengthen the retailer along the axis Germany-Austria-Switzerland, where it’s been operating for two years with offices in major European business centers.” According to the CEO of Albasolar, Alberto Sanromán, “We believe that this is a great project to demonstrate the quality of European products and the agility of supply of our company, which has already almost 20 years of experience in the industry.”

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