The Austrian federal state of Burgenland committed earlier in the renewable energy sector with the commissioning by 2013 of three new wind farms with a total capacity of 198 megawatts (MW).

These facilities will be funded with support from the European Investment Bank (EIB), in collaboration with the leasing company UniCredit Leasing Austria, will pay 200 million euros in the energy group BEWAG (Burgenländische Elektrizitätswirtschafts AG).

Burgenland is a pioneer in the field of energy production from renewable sources. Indeed, alternative energy sources to allow the region to cover two thirds of its electricity needs. If the Burgenland is a model in Europe today is also due to the great importance attaches to this area of ​​research and technology.

The project has a BEWAG innovative nature of the commissioning of a commercial wind turbine with a capacity of 7.5 MW (Enercon – E126), constituting an unprecedented.

The installation will be performed Potzneusiedl, in eastern Burgenland. The same type of equipment, but whose ability was so far only 6 MW, is already operating successfully for some time. The resources available will also be used to finance two large wind farms in Andau / Albrechtsfeld (41 wind turbines for an installed capacity of 123 MW) and Mönchhof / Halbturn (17 wind turbines for an installed capacity of 51 MW). Six wind turbines (13.8 MW) will also be installed Kittsee, and one (2.3 MW) Deutschkreutz.

“The Burgenland is an example to follow, both in terms of volume of electricity produced from renewable energy sources for the high technology used in this context, and BEWAG has much to do. The group is an ideal partner for the EIB, through its funding, providing targeted support to the development of this sector in Europe, “said on the occasion of signing the contract Wilhelm Molterer, Vice President of the European Bank of investment.

The second wind farm project is underway

By 2015, the company Austrian Wind Power will set up about 90 wind turbines with a capacity of 270 MW at maximum, especially on the set of Parndorf. Once all the completed projects, wind farms Austrian Wind Power will have an installed capacity of 520 MW (at the current capacity of 242 MW should be added with a capacity of 270 MW).

The start of work given in May for the two most powerful wind turbines in the world marked the launch of the second wind project group BEWAG. “With these facilities, we live today wind technology of tomorrow. As a leading producer of wind power in Austria, we show that we are also pioneers of the technology and we focus on the latest techniques. These facilities are the symbol. They release maximum energy efficiency for minimum area occupied, “said Michael Gerbavsits, spokesman of the board of BEWAG.

The two super-wind turbines are mounted and in working order. The first plant will be commissioned in December, and the second in January.

“This project is proof that wind power is currently the solution of the most rational alternative. The wind turbines can be installed very quickly and have a high level of efficiency. With these two installations, electricity supply in the capital of Burgenland, Eisenstadt, could be ensured, “said Reinhard Schweifer, head of the board of BEWAG.

The objective within the strategy of “2013” is that the amount of electricity produced from renewable energy enough to encompass the power consumption of the federal state. Burgenland has the title of European champion in the field of renewable energy.

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