French Alstom, which bought Ecotecnia, has sold its first wind turbines in the US, while consolidating its presence in solar energy.

Each of the two wind farms use Alstom ECO 86 12 wind turbines. Adams and Danielson wind farms in Minnesota will generate up to 40 MW of wind power.

Wind energy projects are the result of a contract worth approximately $60 million, and have started commercial operations on March 9, 2011.

Alstom’s entry into the U.S. wind energy market is based on extensive experience in wind energy subsidiary of the French company. Worldwide, Alstom has installed or is installing more than 2,100 wind turbines producing more than 2,700 MW in over 110 wind farms in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, UK, Turkey, Brazil, India and Japan.

Each of the two wind farm uses Alstom 12 86 ECO turbines to generate 20 MW of electricity, with a total of 24 wind turbines and 40 MW of capacity. The contract includes the supply, transportation, installation support, commissioning, and five years of maintenance services for wind turbines. The project was developed by Juhl Wind Inc. and funded by JPM Capital Corporation, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Company.

The parks are built with zero accidents. GL Garrad Hassan, the independent renewable energy consultancy, has reviewed and followed all aspects of project development and installation and commissioning of the turbines. GL Garrad Hassan provides independent engineering services for the development of wind farms.

Alstom has expanded its presence in the wind energy market in North America in 2010 with the announcement of the construction of 115,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities for wind turbines in Amarillo, Texas. Alstom also has research partnerships with both the Department of Energy and the Renewable Energy Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, and the National Institute for Renewable Energy (NIRE) in Lubbock, Texas, allowing the French company to initagrate its technology to the grid.

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