A collaboration between China and the United States, the first test flight using biofuel demonstration China launched the Beijing International Airport on October 28, 2011.

The airliner-type B747-400 – passenger transport – has been fueled with biodiesel from specific cooperation between PetroChina and Honeywell UOP.

In recent years, Air China has pledged to provide “green flights” with the key energy savings and emission reductions. Other measures such as the optimization of the fleet, a second control can improve the operation, to save on fuel and reduce exhaust emissions.

Air China set up the test system Energy and Environment (Energy and Environment Review System) in 2009. The company also launched its first ‘green flight’ in 2010, joined the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group (SAFUG) and became the first airline to launch a test flight with biofuel demonstration in China in 2011.

Air China has a fleet of 290 Airbus and Boeing aircraft (including 280 passenger aircraft and 10 freighters), a trainer aircraft and six jets. With its accession to the Star Alliance, Air China offers flights to 1160 destinations in 181 countries since its airport located in central Beijing.

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