With a capacity of over 80 MW, the huge solar power plant to be located on the former NATO air base of Eggebek, 20 km south of Flensburg in Germany and conducted by the German project developer Möhring Energy, will be one of the largest facilities in the world.

More specifically inverters chosen are by the company of Danfoss.The TLX Pro inverters will significantly increase the power of this plant compared to traditional central inverters, as it not only allows to install more solar panels, but also to exploit their maximum production .

“Our system of string inverters for large photovoltaic plants is recognized in the market and many projects are now done with our concept. However, until now the preference was for central inverters with great powers for large-scale projects. With the size of the project, it is clear that our modular concept has no size limit,” said Gert Taul Pedersen, managing director of sales and marketing at Danfoss.

“We are able to achieve a much higher efficiency with Danfoss inverters on the installation of the aerodrome in relation to central inverters. In addition, technology Danfoss MPP Trackers with three it is possible to optimize the performance still more compared to other solutions of string inverter, because the shading losses are minimized, “explained Sascha Möhring, CEO and owner of Energy Möhring GmbH.

Another advantage of the inverter system is in the string that the implementation of the installation can take place in many parts of the plant along with the teams progressing to the center of it. This makes the installation process much faster and reduces costs considerably.

Finally, the feature “Master” of the inverters from Danfoss TLX Pro makes installation more efficient. It can handle a large group of inverters: the parameters of the inverter master are replicated to all other inverters (followers) of its network, reducing the costs of service.

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