A subsidiary of the Altran Group has developed an innovative technology, a 3D radar for air traffic controllers to be able to distinguish between a plane turbine and rotating  blades of a wind turbine.

Cambridge Consultants, a subsidiary of Altran, created Aveille, the 3D radar eliminates a major obstacle to the expansion of wind power and associated energy production. Indeed, one of the major obstacles to the deployment of wind farms is the current inability of air traffic controllers to separate aircraft turbine blades from a rotating  turbine.

Aveille will therefore provide air traffic controllers and aerodrome radar data accurate, necessary to eliminate any potential confusion.

This technology eliminates the concerns inherent in security and defense of airspace, which inhibit growth in the sector of wind energy. In the UK, 66% of all wind farm projects, the equivalent 6.5 gigawatts of electricity is currently delayed.

The approach of Aveille in mitigating the effects of wind turbines is the result of a comprehensive work alongside the major players in the UK aviation and wind energy such as wind farm developers , airport operators, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The result is a technology that promises to meet both civil and military requirements, to be profitable for smaller wind farms and create jobs in green energy.

“The launch of the technical solution of Aveille is an important step in the development of clean energy worldwide. The disruptive innovation meets the ambitious objectives set by governments in renewable energy, “said Philippe Salle, President and CEO of Altran.

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