Renewable energy, Morocco wants to have 2,000 MW of wind power and 2,000 MW of solar power by 2020, including both thermal and photovoltaic.

Speaking at a breakfast briefing organized by the New Economy Forum, which was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez, the Moroccan economy minister said that the proposed fixed link between Spain and the Moroccan coast will be carried out.

Accompanied by Deputy Minister for Economic and General Affairs, Nizar Baraka, Mezuar emphasized the potential role of Spain and Morocco to open African markets to Europe, to advance the economic integration of the two regions.

The impact of the attack occurred recently in Marrakech, Mezuar guaranteed that will not stop the process of change and political and economic reforms which surrounds the country. In his speech, Baraka pointed to the opportunities offered by Morocco in sectors such as infrastructure, tourism and renewable energies with a stable macroeconomic environment and good growth prospects of the economy, up 5% this year.

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