The photovoltaic plant, which will be operated by third parties, is the most complex of completed by Martifer Solar in the Czech Republic.

Martifer Solar, a company belonging to Martifer SGPS, 2.88 MW has been installed on deck in Prague, thus completing one of the company’s flagship projects in the Czech Republic.

The 2.88 MW covering an area of 67,816 m² distributed among six different buildings in the same industrial complex. The photovoltaic plant, located in the Czech capital, will be operated by third parties.

To complete this solar energy project, and because of the need for a productive, Martifer Solar developed a special structure for the modules, adjusting the structure of individual buildings, to ensure total stability and impermeability.

“The installation of the 2.88 MW presented us with a very complex problem, especially the need to ensure the stability of buildings and strictly enforce strict security measures in the building since it is a facility supported by the building structure. We are very pleased to have successfully completed this project as it is undoubtedly a work marked by a high level of engineering and construction through having to adapt our structure to modern building construction “said Ricardo Miereles, General Manager of Solar Martifer for Northern and Central Europe.

The facility will provide renewable energy to more than 1,400 homes, avoiding the emission of more than 5,300 tonnes of CO2 a year.

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