The wind power industry currently employs in the European Union nearly 102,100 people and has created over 60,000 new jobs over the past five years.
In comparison, the European wind energy industry directly employed 108,600 people in 2007. Taking into account the indirect jobs, the wind energy sector employs a total of 154,000 in the EU.

An earlier study by the EWEA covering the year 2002 and for the EU-15, indicated that the wind industry directly employed 48,363 people. Direct employment has increased by 60,237 (125%) since that date. On average, 12,047 new direct jobs were created annually during the period 2002 to 2007.

The report notes however that the direct jobs relating to manufacturers and sub-contractors whose main business is still assembling turbines wind, or the provision of related components. Also included are promoters of wind energy related business services, R & D centers, engineering and specialty wind services.

Austria: 700
Belgium: 2,000
Bulgaria: 100
Czech Republic: 100
Denmark: 17,000
Finland: 800
France: 7,000
Germany: 38,000
Greece 1800
Hungary: 100
Ireland: 1500
Italy: 2,500
Netherlands: 2,000
Poland: 800
Portugal: 800
Spain 20500
Sweden: 2,000
United Kingdom: 4000
Rest of EU: 400
TOTAL 102,100 direct jobs

All companies producing intermediate products, providing services or work sporadically in activities related to the wind are considered to provide indirect employment.

The addition of indirect jobs affects the results significantly. The European Commission, in its assessment on the impact of the renewables on the roadmap in the union, showed that 150,000 jobs are related to wind energy. The report of the European Renewable Energy Council provides a workforce of 184,000 people in 2010, while the installed capacity this year has probably been underestimated. The total direct and indirect employment is estimated at about 180,000.

Both figures : 102,100 direct jobs and 180,000 jobs can be combined compared with results obtained by EWEA in its previous study on wind energy, which dates from 2004, respectively 46,000 and 72,275 jobs. The growth (+213% and 249%) is consistent with the evolution of installed capacity in Europe (276%) during the same period and with the fact that most of the major wind energy companies are European.

An important part of the direct employment of wind power (about 74%) lies in three countries: Denmark, Germany and Spain , whose combined installed capacity amounts to 70% of total EU . Nevertheless, the sector is less concentrated today than it was in 2003 when these three countries accounted for 89% of employment and 84% of installed capacity in the European Union. This change is due to the opening of manufacturing centers, the emergence of new markets and the nature of many activities related to the wind, such as promotion, O & M services, engineering and law.

The France consists of a multitude of small developers, consultants, engineering firms and legal services. All major manufacturers of wind energy developers and some public services have opened an antenna on the French territory. France also has several manufacturers of wind turbines and components.

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