Half the power consumption of La Gomera is covered with renewable energy. It will enhance production from wind, solar and especially hydroelectric power, as it has the advantage of large dams already built.

Half the power consumption of La Gomera renewable energy will be covered in two years, as advances in a statement the president of the Island Council, Casimiro Curbelo, who highlights the great potential of the island and ensures that it meets the highest standards of all the archipelago to achieve self-sufficiency in energy sources alternative to conventional electricity.

Casimiro Curbelo says the Energy Infrastructure Planning Plan, currently in its final stage of processing, confirms the favorable conditions of the island, where the current electricity consumption stands at 12 megawatts. “The planning also envisages that by 2013, La Gomera can generate at least 5 megawatts of power and thus – ends – could cover nearly half of the island needs.”

President insular qualifies to be, however, ensure a safe and sustainable supply, it will be necessary to maintain the production of conventional electricity and also strengthen the distribution network and energy storage. Stresses that the council will do everything in their power to promote La Gomera is an island sustainable energy point of view, adding that this will boost wind power production, solar and especially hydroelectric power, as it has the advantage of large dams already built.

Concrete in two years will be operating two wind farms will be the first to work and that are located in the El Revolcadero and Ayamosna, both within the municipality of San Sebastián de La Gomera and are already in process of face from the authorities should grant the Canary Islands Government, as with the installation of photovoltaic plants, which are also installed at this time.

As for hydropower aims to take advantage of facilities such as dams or Amalahuigue charming and stresses that “at all times is to promote energy independence and respect the environment, which is one of the most important resources with which account of La Gomera.

The Minister of Planning, Juan Alonso Herrera, emphasizes the Territorial Energy Plan complies and is part of Island Management Plan, and clarifies that the document defines the locations for large facilities, that is, to whom they are to produce over 1 megawatt of power, equivalent to a size similar to those that employ between 2 and 3 football fields.

“The location for smaller productions not requiring planning and is out of the spaces are marked on the plan,” he says before stressing the importance of documents in order processing to production and minimize the impacts that could be generated in the environment.

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