An innovative model for recovering the energy of waves, called WEGA (Gravitational Wave Energy Absorber), was developed by the Portuguese company Sea for life.

This device consists of a body hanging articulated, semi submerged, supported by a fixed structure, which varies depending on an elliptical orbit induced by the passage of waves and generating between 100 and 150 kilowatts of energy. The body movement activates a hydraulic cylinder, which pushes the liquid under pressure through an accumulator. The energy is then transferred to a hydraulic motor, which allows the production of electrical energy through a generator.

The articulated body is connected to the fixed structure through a rotating head which allows it to adapt to the direction of wave propagation. The system is considered reliable because the rides are out of the water, and are thus protected from the risk of damage by the strong currents. Thought for use at sea, this technology can also be applied near the coast, provided to adjust the size of the device to the depth of the place. Other devices, such as wind, can be installed in the center of the fixed structure.

The company is in test technology and is developing contacts with companies to move into high gear, that is to say, install a WEGA model studies in natural environments, from next year .

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