Two new wind farms will be built on the islands of Coche and Margarita, Nueva Esparta state, before the end of the year, with an installed capacity of 5 MW and 20 MW respectively. There have been studies of wind speed projects that promise positive results.

Coche Island rises 60 meters above sea level and is 11 km long and 6 meters wide, forming the Municipality of Villalba, whose chairman of the House Municipal, Asisclo Hernandez said that a committee of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec) reported that studies conducted wind speed on the island were positive.

The wind project prepares Limited Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) will be implemented in four states: Zulia, Falcon, Sucre and Nueva Esparta. The investment will be 90 million euro and will be in the hands of Galp, a Portugal-based company.

The four wind turbines will be able to generate five megawatts to meet the demand of the part of the island, which along with Margaret and Cubagua up the state of Nueva Esparta. Hernandez said that studies continue to determine whether more turbines to be placed in Villalba.

In Margarita, the sector that meets the conditions for the wind farm is Macanao Peninsula, where installed wind turbines with a capacity of 20 MW, enough to meet the demand of the Peninsula and some neighboring areas.

The municipality of Villalba feeds power to the submarine cable and to Corpoelec plants.

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